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Ok, I'll attempt to write a critique. It's only my first one, so forgive me if it's not the best.

Vision: Overall the visual of the picture is not bad. The lines are smooth, and not sketchy. You can easily tell what the picture is, a cat, and the anatomy is fairly decent.

One thing I think that could be improved is the eyes. The eyes are a bit large for those of a cat, and they seem to be unusually far apart. You might want to consider making them a bit smaller, it will look more naturalistic.

Second of all, one thing that needs improvement is the composition. Your picture, even if it is well drawn, is rather boring. Your cat is in an average pose, right in the center of the page. (I know I've been guilty of this too). It would be more interesting if your cat seemed to be doing something more, or interacting with the environment, rather than just sitting on the ground. Try considering interesting situations so you can practice drawing him/her from different angles.

Originality: Overall it's not that original. I've seen pictures like this a million time before. Same idea, different cat. Try mixing it up a little bit, and adding something unique. Again like I said above, try considering more interesting situations so you can improve the overall anatomy.

Technique: For the base of the drawing, I feel like the technique is ok, but it seemed after laying out the preliminary basics you stopped. So the ground is a solid color, the sky is a solid color, the clouds are a solid color. You get the point. I feel like the coloring could have been a little more complete. Try adding shading (I do see small hints it on the cat), but try adding it more to the environment as well.

Impact: Overall the picture is ok. It doesn't really impact me in anyway, or make me feel any certain way. It's just a cat, in a field, on a sunny day. Your skills are good, but the main idea is lacking. Try to really use your story telling skills to tell a story, rather than just paint a picture.
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Orijyn Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, first of all, this was simply a redo of somthing I drew around the beginning of the year. I didn't "mean" for it to be very interesting, just wanted to see how much I've improved (if any improvement at all).
Second, I am very aware of how unoriginal this is, I've seen plenty of other pictures like it XD.
Third, backgrounds are not my specialty. I've tried to make them look more reslistic, but no matter how many edits I make, it either looks like a whirlpool of grass, or ocean waves in the sky. I do, however, have plans to try and improve my backgrounds.

Anyway, thanks for the critique. I need to know where my flaws are to improve, and this was very clear to show my flaws.
Calicara Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Student Writer
Ah ok! I mean you know I don't have much else to say except practice makes perfect. I'm looking forward to your future works :)
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